Malta's Participation in Open Government

Malta joined the OGP in 2011, thereby committing to uphold the principles of open and transparent government by showing a level of citizen engagement, and enabling civil partners to have enough power to be able to deliver their message to government. 

Since joining OGP, Malta has submitted 3 National Action Plans (NAP).

2012 - 2013
1st National Action Plan

Focused mainly on two initiatives: “Creating a Safer Communities” and “Increasing Corporate Accountability” but which had several commitments


2015 - 2017
2nd National Action Plan

Focused on 5 commitments namely Participation of Women in the Public Service, Public Servant Knowledge Sharing, e-Services Online, Public Access to information and Social Dialogue


2018 - 2020
3rd National Action Plan

Contained 5 commitments dealing with M-Government, Integration, Investing in Technology, Upgrades in the Department for Industrial and Employment Relations and Strengthening Local Government and the Commission for Domestic Violence in Malta


Due to issues in timely submission of a new action plan, in 2022, the OGP Steering Committee designated Malta as inactive in the OGP. Government has decided to reactivate its membership and in order to become an active member Malta will be addressing a number of requirements and will be committing itself in submitting its fourth National Action Plan by December 2023 in accordance with OGP requirements.